Jason's Syndicate is looking for startups that are in our "goldilocks zone." Ideally this means you have the following:

1. a launched product with at least six months of data

2. a well-rounded technology and business team of at least six full-time members

3. half of your round committed (i.e. if you are raising $1m you have $500k+ in commitments already)

4. You have a clearly defined plan to deploy the capital from this round over at least 18 months. i.e. if your burn rate is $50,000 a month, you are raising at least $900,000 in this round, giving you 18 months of "runway."

5. The syndicate can participate in later rounds, for example, a series A or series B financings, if it's with a known lead investor (i.e. Founders Fund, Sequoia, Benchmark, Social Capital, etc).

The syndicate is not for startups that are pre-product or in the idea, white paper, prototype or business plan phases. We encourage those startups to come to

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